Friday, September 17, 2010

I was PICKED!!!

Hey, it's been a while. I have been wanting to get on this keyboard and type away for a while, but the subject matter kept shifting in my head. Maybe I think of it too much, actually I'm sure I do. lol, see?
Ahhh, the mind...what can you say?
Today is Sept 17, 2010. I am 27 today. When did that happen? I sometimes forget how old I am.... as a kid I would just look at the "old folks" (30's) in confusion when they stated they couldn't remember if they were 33 or 34. I understand now, I'm not even an "old folk" in my 30's yet.
Anyway, before you click the back button, I'm not writing myself a birthday blog. Well, actually come to think of it I am. I am writing a blog about my biggest blessing ever. LIFE.
You see, I was GIVEN life. If you are reading this, you were obviously given life too.

Let me rewind 27 years plus a few months, back. My mom was a young girl when she got pregnant with me.
It just so happened to be, there was this lovely, beautiful couple that had been praying oh, so hard for a baby. September 17, 1983 came, and my mother, Corina, gave birth to a little red afro'd baby, "With a cute little turned up nose" my grandpa Brown says. The same day, Michael and Ruth Whitaker got a call. They just had a baby!!! Please don't ask me how much I weighed, it's rude.
Anyhow, the details of the day for the various people need to be told to me again, I would love to hear about it, but I'm sure it had to have been glorious, I mean, Lanae had

You know? Until just recently, I had never given thought to the fact that my mom gave me life, my biological mom. I can't imagine the thoughts, pain and uncertainty that she must have felt for what seemed to be forever during her pregnancy.. I wonder if her peers suggested the unthinkable. I know it wasn't an easy decision to give me for adoption,  Matter of fact, I know it was probably the most difficult decision, ever. How hard it must have been for her. I'm so thankful, I'm so grateful I was given life, I'm so thankful God was in the process, and that I was given to godly parents, and I can see God's hand in my life from before day one.

Michael and Ruth, better known as, mom and dad were amazing parents. The greatest thing I can say about the both is, they taught me about God. They brought me up in a home with God head of the house. I had a great childhood. I have many fond memories of missionaries coming to stay with us, VBS, my dad snapping his fingers at me while he was preaching at the pulpit during church. My momma played the piano and sang like an angel. I remember her arms being so pretty, because I would always lay my head on her while my dad preached. I sang, played the piano, and the flute. We later moved to Huachuca Oaks Baptist camp and came to Arizona. My childhood memories there could beat ANYONE'S childhood memories. We had 38 acres of land to roam, and we did. Eunice and I :)

My parents signed up for me....they had NO idea what they had signed up for. My mom would tell me, "Lanae, we PICKED you". I always imagined being a red-headed cabbage patch doll, and my mom and dad just "picked" me. (the things you remember) Thank you Lord for picking them, to pick me... you are so good.

 In all of this, when I think of my birthday, I know I'm blessed. I know God cares for me. I am thankful for my mother's courageous act, and my parent's loving act. My family is bigger than anyone I know, and I'm Prett-y proud of that fact.

Some call it luck, I call Him God <3
thanks for tuning in


  1. Lanae~ you made me cry. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday! Oh, and I agree with Grandpa Brown. You did have such a cute little turned up nose. :) LOL

  2. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have been picked?! I know we love our kids tremendously (you know, more than words could ever describe), but I can't imagine how our parents feel about us when we were so desired and were raised as incredible gifts from God because He chose us for them. One of my favorite sentiments sits on my bedside table (my mom cross-stitched it for me): "Never forget for a single moment that you didn't grow under my heart, but in it." I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Lora, I made myself cry too, hard. It's my pleasure to share. Grandpa and Grandma had given me a little "autograph" book, when I was a little girl. I still have it, but they both wrote stuff in there before they gave it to me. Grandpa talked about my nose, it's a fond memory I have. I never liked my nose, till my grandpa expressed to me he thought it was the cutest... I sure do love them, and thankful they gave our lineage the gift of Christ...I pray, the love for God never ceases to be passed down to every generation, from today till THE DAY, the day he returns.

    The gift of physical life...and even better, the gift of eternal life. I know in my pre teen age, and after, I took my life for granted, and other lives too.
    God is so good, all the time.
    All the glory of everything goes to him, thankfully.

    I wouldn't have it any other way. The magnitude of our parents' love, and their choice to adopt can never be fully understood, but when I had my own children, I surely realized more than ever, that my parents' love was something SPECIAL.
    We are blessed, blessed to be picked!!!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, it was a great day, and an even better weekend, God is so AWESOME!!!!