Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm madly in love, and so is He

What kinda woman doesn't fantasize about long walks on the beach { or the desert, lol },  candle light dinner on the porch, long talks in the wee hours, flowers, unconditional love, forgiveness, laughter, joy, peace... the feelings you get all the way through your body from a "love high"... who doesn't want these things in a  relationship? 

Okay, so I met this guy, it's mind blowing how terrifically amazing He is. The "too good to be true" kinda fellow.
He came to me when I was a wreck, I was hurting, lonely, broken and crying. He touched me and said "It's okay, I'm here". WOW {dropping my jaw}, I fell in love that very second. A feeling of love I had never quite known like this love. HE WAS THE ONE!!!! I reached for His hand to see, it was pierced...
He touched my face and said, Lanae, I am madly in love with you...don't you see? Somehow I knew it was true, I knew He really did love me, with a crazy love. I couldn't understand... He must not know what I've done in my life, if He only knew, He wouldn't feel this way. Just then He whispered in my ear the exact number of hairs not only on my head but on my whole body, He knew my most intimate memories, and my most dark memories. He knew my passions and my sorrows. He knew that red is my favorite color, but it has to be the "right red".
He knew every little thing about me, and was STILL MADLY in love with ME, Lanae Nicole Rogers... ME!!!
Haha!!! Makes me wanna dance and shout!

So, ever since I finally recognized who this man was, and allowed Him into my life, I've never been the same. He LOVES to go on long walks in the desert/ or on the beach, he loves long talks any time of the day or night, matter of fact, crazy as it is, He never gets sick of me talking...He actually likes it, lol. Flowers...sunsets...mountains...animals....He is so good to me. Unconditional love...for real. You know how people will say " I love you no matter what", but they just meant "I love you till the going gets tough" ? 
Not in my case, He actually clings to me, and when the going gets tough, He empowers me, protects me, and loves me unconditionally all the way through. He forgave me before I even knew Him, and He never hangs it over my head, just truly forgives. He's pretty funny too, I actually have never met anyone with such a clever sense of humor. The Joy and peace He gives me is unmatched. Security is what He gives me. Not only that, He created the whole universe, every shining star, the sun and moon in it's perfect position, the painted skies every night and day. He made Giraffes and Elephants, Great Danes and Labradors, and I think He made them JUST because He knew I loved them. Waterfalls...He really didn't have to, but they are pretty, so HE did. I could go on and on about His goodness and never say the same thing twice. MY GOD !!!

This is Passion week. The week leading up to my Saviors death and resurrection. There are no cute bunnies or chocolate eggs here... only sweat, tears, flesh and blood. To even TRY to imagine my Jesus' thoughts... I can't.  I have lots of amazing people in my life, and so many of them I could honestly say I think I would give my life up for them if I had to, 3 of them being my children. BUT an enemy? Someone who has hurt me, sometimes even repeatedly? Someone who has denied and rejected me? I don't think so...not me.

My Jesus, He took it all, and all for me. KNOWING who I was... in my darkest of days. He loved me all the way through His horrid Crucifiction... He never regreted dying for me. Each whipping, each mockery, each spitting in his face, each nail, every breath He took on the cross He thought of me and his CRAZY love for me.

The link below is a link for a song called "Theif" by Third Day. The song is sung as if the theif hung next to Jesus is speaking. I pray the Holy Spirit moves on and thorugh you, that not one more day will go by with out you being madly in love with this man. I've searched high, I've searched low, nobody greater...NOBODY.


  1. WOW! That was incredible!
    Thank you, Lanae! Thank you for always being an inspiration and for being such an encouraging friend.
    This is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Lanae, I'm so worried about you. Are you ok over there? Let me know, please.
    Steffi, Aoki & Snoop